Permanent exhibit of 'Art for Eternity' collection pieces to open at the Museum of Art in Meridian, Mississippi

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                             DATE: April 24, 2018

Hattiesburg, MS – The Museum of Art in Meridian will host a permanent exhibit of pieces from the 'Art for Eternity' collection curated by the Kindness Foundation in Hattiesburg, MS. The collection is made up entirely of pieces created by students aged 10 to 18 in Russia and Ukraine. This exhibit, 'From Creation to Eternity', represents pieces depicting the timeline in Biblical history from the Garden of Eden to the Ascension depicting by illustrating specific scriptures from the Bible.  The exhibit opens on Thursday, May 3, 2018 and the public is invited.

The Meridian Museum of Art is an art museum located at 628 25th Avenue, Meridian, Mississippi. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and declared a Mississippi Landmark in 1985.


Janet Blouin, Art Exhibit Director for the Kindness Foundation, stated "We are thrilled to be able to share this beautiful collection of Biblical art created by students influenced by Bibles distributed by the Kindness Foundation in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia over the past 25 years." She added, "These pieces not only showcase their incredible talent, but they are evidence of the Biblical influence we have helped to support in the education system of these countries."

The art pieces were submitted during annual Easter art contests organized by the Russian Kindness Foundation (Fond Dobro), the Russian Ministry of Education, the Ukrainian Federal Ministry of Education and the Ukrainian Kindness Foundation.

The Kindness Foundation has distributed Bibles to students in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia, through a program which began over 20 years ago when the Russian government recognized the need to develop a strong moral code after seventy five years of Communism left their society faltering.

Dr. Olga Lutsenko, formerly an official with the Academy of Pedagogical Science in the Russian Department of Education, founded Kindness International and signed an agreement to provide Bibles and to oversee the curriculum. In 1996, Dr. Olga and her husband, Rev. Fred Lutsenko, later partnered with Hattiesburg real estate broker, DeLois Smith and her husband, Lavon Smith, to form the Kindness Foundation in Hattiesburg.

If you would like to schedule an exhibit of the ‘Art for Eternity’ collection, please contact the Kindness Foundation at (601) 545-9090. Prints and cards created from the art pieces are also available and help to f und the ministry. For more information, please visit the website at or send an email to

Photo above: “Jesus in the Garden of Olives” was painted by a 12 year old public school student in Russia and is part of the Kindness Foundation’s ‘Art for Eternity’ collection of Biblical Art.