Art for Eternity - Collection of Biblical Art

"Pharoah's Dream" by Maria Nikulina, 13, Samara, Russia

"Pharoah's Dream" by Maria Nikulina, 13, Samara, Russia

  Art for Eternity is a collection of Biblical art
created by students aged 9 to 17 in Russia and Ukraine
through the influence of the Kindness Foundation.

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old submitting artwork. In the centers located in Vladimir, Ivanova, Zelenograd, and Somara, the children who won the competitions received Bibles as prizes.

All other CERCs in Russia also held competitions and celebrated Christmas and Easter.

In Ukraine, CERCs also celebrated Christmas and Easter and held art competitions, organized by the Ukrainian Federal Ministry of Education and the Ukrainian Kindness Foundation. The results of the com-petitions were published in the Ukrainian Eternal Word magazine.

This continues to be highly sought after as the need for Bibles in Russia and Ukraine continues to grow.

The winning pieces are first sent to tour the prestigious museums of Russia and are then sent to the Kindness Foundation in Mississippi. They become a part of our 'Art for Eternity' collection which has grown to include over 150 pieces of original Biblical art from Russia and Ukraine.

The Kindness Foundation is happy to share this beautiful and inspirational art with the community, at art festivals, churches, schools, universities and at public locations. If you would like to schedule an exhibit, please see the information below.

When "Christianty 2,000" was held in Moscow in the year 2000 to celebrate 2,000 years of Christianity, it was organized by the Russian Kindness Foundation, the Russian Ministry of Education, the Ukrainian Federal Ministry of Education and the Ukrainian Kindness Foundation.

It was at this conference that the first national Biblical art contest was held. Thousands of students aged 9 to 17 years old from across Russia submitted art pieces they created which focused on a central Bible verse chosen by each student.

The contests were so popular that they became bi-annual events throughout Russia.

As an example, Regional children’s art competitions were organized by the Russian Kindness Foundation and the Russian Department and Ministry of Education, and held during the Christmas holidays in January 2011 and Easter holidays in April 2011. The name of the competition was “Wellsprings of Kindness,” with three themes the students could choose from for their artwork: 1) “Celebrate the Christmas;” 2) “Holy Easter (Let’s Walk through the Bible: Proverbs, Commandments, and Bible Stories)”; and 3) “Remember our Veterans.”

Twenty-six Russian states took part in this competition, with children from seven to sixteen years

"Russia Acknowledges 2000 Years of Christianity"

"Christmas" by Yevgeniva Sitnikov, 13, Burukshan Village, Russia

"Christmas" by Yevgeniva Sitnikov, 13, Burukshan Village, Russia


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The Russian and Ukranian children's Biblical art exhibit is presented by the Hattiesburg based Kindness Foundation.  According to its founder, DeLois Smith,

"The art reflects the spiritual influence and understanding of God's word by some very talented young artists in these countries and Kindness is honored to be a part of this important ministry."

If you would like to find out how you can book our collection for an exhibit, please contact our Art Exhibit Director, Janet Blouin at 601-543-6954 or by email at

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Current and upcoming exhibits

The permanent exhibit of pieces from our 'Art for Eternity' collection opened at the Museum of Art in Meridian on May 3, 2018.

The Meridian Museum of Art is an art museum located at 628 25th Avenue, Meridian, Mississippi. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and declared a Mississippi Landmark in 1985.