Kindness Foundation

  • raises funds to purchase Bibles for public school students in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia.

  • We also contribute to the costs of publishing 'The Eternal Word' magazine, a quarterly magazine with resources, information and lesson plans for teachers

  • we help to fund CERCS (Christian Education Resource Centers) across Russia.

  • We hold summer camps in Russia and Ukraine for students from the home country and from the U.S., CANADA AND OTHER COUNTRIES TO LEARN ABOUT gOD'S LOVE IN A RELAXED SETTING.


Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is 'Reaching children, touching families...transforming nations.' 

As a non-religious education society, we are able to work within the school system to help provide Bibles for public school students.  The Bible is used across all subjects in the curriculum as a basis for teaching morality and Biblical principles.

Kindness proposes that public educators adopt the Bible as the basis for cultural education and moral values; that these values be taught in public schools; and that encouragement be given to the individual ownership, reading, and study of the Bible.

Kindness Foundation has raised money to help purchase Bibles for children in public schools in Russia for over 20 years.
— Dr. Olga Polykovskaya Lutsenko, President and Founder

What We've Achieved

  • Distributed thousands of Bibles to students and teachers
  • Sent Christian scientists from around the world to Russia to train teachers
  • Held teacher training conferences to train teachers in Biblical morality
  • Met with educators and government officials to ensure the continuation of the program across Russia.
  • Held Summer Camps in Russia, Ukraine and Latvia joined by students from the U.S., Canada and Australia
  • Co-sponsored a bi-annual Biblical art competition
  • Helped to design the Biblical moral curriculum across all subjects
  • Provided support to teachers and to workers at CERCS (Christian Education Resource Centers.